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About The Flam Railway

Experience the Flåm Railway – the amazing train journey from the high mountain station of Myrdal on the Bergen Line down to Flåm station, innermost in the Aurlandsfjord.

The world's most beautiful train journey

The Flåm Railway is considered to be one of Norway's most important and spectacular tourist attractions. Every year, this amazing railway line attracts visitors from around the world and in 2014 Lonely Planet named it the world's most beautiful train journey...

The line between Myrdal and Flåm is open throughout the year. A trip on the Flåm Railway provides a panorama of some of the wildest and most magnificent mountain scenery in Norway at any time of the year. You will see rivers carving their way through deep gorges, waterfalls leaping off steep mountainsides with snow-covered mountain peaks, as well as mountain farms clinging tenaciously to steep slopes. Down at the bottom, you can enjoy the scenic cultural landscape of the Flåm Valley and admire the beautiful Aurlandsfjord. Aurlandsfjord is a branch of Sognefjord, the world's longest fjord...

Engineering skills

The Flåm Railway is one of the world's steepest railway tracks on normal track. This 20-km line has a height difference of 866 metres, making an average gradient of 1 in 18. The horseshoe tunnel that spirals in and out of the mountain is a testimony of one of the most audacious and skilful feat of engineering in the history of Norwegian railways.

A trip on the Flåm Railway is for everyone, whether on a family holiday or an activity holiday. The Flåm Railway can be combined with a walk or a cycle trip along the Rallar Road – which promises unforgettable experiences for everyone!

Train drivers view Flåmsbana

Ride along from the train driver's perspective, minute by minute from Myrdal to Flåm on the world famous Flåm railway in summer 2020. Enjoy the ride!