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4 people onboard Future of the Fjords sailing through snowy fjord landscape on crisp winters day surrounded by mountains
Fjord Cruise Nærøyfjord
2 people overlooking the Aurlandsfjord from Stegastein 650 meters above the fjord on a sunny winters day
Stegastein Viewpoint
4 people with snowshoes walking in snow in the mountain overlooking the Aurlandsfjord on a sunny winters day
Snow Shoe Hiking | Aurland
4 people in full flotation body suits in a RIB boat on UNESCO-listed Naeroyfjord surrounded by snowy mountains
Fjordsafari Nærøyfjord
Woman looking out the window from the Flåm Railway at the houses and snow on a sunny winters day at Myrdal
The Flam Railway
Man in alpine downhill gear doing front flip over a white cow statue in Myrkdalen Ski Resort on a sunny winter day
Myrkdalen Ski Resort
2 people in alpine downhill gear sitting in ski lift in Myrkdalen Ski Resort surrounded by snowy mountains
Myrkdalen Ski Resort
6 people in alpine downhill gear standing at Myrkdalen Ski Resort ski slopes on crisp sunny day overlooking the winter landscape
Myrkdalen Ski Resort
Person in ski gear skiing on the mountain with glittering snow in sunset on a cold winter day
Myrkdalen Ski Resort
4 people walking up steep hill at night outside Myrkdal Ski Resort with lit torches in their hands in deep fluffy snow
Myrkdalen Ski Resort
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Ski & Fjord

Ski & Fjord activities in combination is the ultimate norwegian winter holiday experience. Discover the heart of Fjord Norway’s stunning winter landscape with superb skiing at Myrkdalen Mountain Resort, one of the largest and most snow-sure ski resorts in Norway and the vast kick-back adventures by the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord in the Flam region.